Sky Martial Arts

The Premiere Martial Arts Facility of the Main Line

Little Tigers

Ages 4-6

Focus on developing confidence, motor skills, and discipline through martial arts training, as well as setting a foundation for healthy growth

Junior Tigers

Ages 7-12

Designed for our children to bolster their physical and mental growth through the foundations of our martial arts curriculum


Ages 13-18

Continue to build upon our students’ foundations in martial arts by emphasizing physical training, discipline, and self-control to gain a sense of identity


Ages 18 and Above

Our adult curriculum is built to help achieve fitness goals and build confidence through martial arts and self-defense training

Why SKY Martial Arts?

Whether you’re looking for a sports activity for your child or some different from regular gym routines, martial arts is unlike any other sport because of the very core of it’s training – personal development. At our school, we practice Taekwondo, which has 5 core principles:

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit

Through martial arts training, we at SKY focus on developing all of our students physically, mentally, and spiritually to help them be the best versions of themselves that they could be. Anyone can join – any age, any fitness level!



Master Ryan

Kukkiwon Certified 4th Degree Black Belt Master in Taekwondo

Master Dan

Kukkiwon Certified 4th Degree Black Belt Master in Taekwondo


What people say?

Our family just moved to Wayne in August from Florida, and were very eager to continue my sons taekwondo training. We were very fortunate to have found Sky Martial Arts just weeks after Grand Opening. Master Kim is an amazing instructor for all levels of students. I even signed up myself for classes that I attend 3 days a week, and even take a family class with my son on Saturdays. This exercise is way more fun then a regular gym, and 10 times more intense.

Our son has learned focus, confidence, and respect from Master Kim that shows in class as well as in school and at home.

The class schedules are very accommodating to our school schedule as well as my work schedule. Master Kim makes learning taekwondo very fun and exciting. Master Kim and Sky Martial Arts is a great addition to the Wayne/Devon area
- Liam Burt
In the past, I've tried several Taekwondo places nearby, but none of them satisfied my high expectations for the authentic Taekwondo I’ve seen as a Korean. Master Kim at Sky martial arts Wayne teaches genuine Taekwondo with personalized modifications for each student.

We all want something more than just physical strength from a sport, right? At Sky martial arts Wayne, my son enjoys the lessons, focuses on what he does, and interacts with others with no problem.

Master Kim never loses his keen eyes on each student’s progress. Large in space, very well structured programs, effective safety protocols and always well sanitized.
- Juhi Cho

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